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Basse Normandy , Calvados , Ver sur mer

Castel Provence

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Welcome in guest house of castel provence

You have chosen « Castel-Provence » to stay in our beloved Normandy and we thank you for it.

Retired since January 1st of 2019 Castel-Provence is no longer able to please your request.

Since 1999, with my wife Josette, who passed away on March 9, 2015, we had the immense honor and pleasure of welcoming many people from all over the world to our two guest rooms.

These twenty years of meetings enriched our lives with wonderful memories.
Often at breakfast or at the turning of a glance, of an abandoned word, life, your life was invited to our conversation leaving burst your joy, your astonishment, your pain also sometimes.
Your laughts and confidences moved us.

Walls of this house are covered with your dreams.
When leaving, on the latch of the door, you have print your hopes as an eternal gift.
Thank you for coming and be happy in your life's stay.